External Data Retrieval, Comparison and Transformation

Automates the time-consuming task of daily pricing updates from GSEs and investors. Retrieves data from investor websites, converts the corresponding information to Excel (when applicable), archives previous data and saves the result to local folders. The software can also perform a variety of manipulations to files once they are retrieved.




  • Automated retrievals via APIs, webscrapes, and email.
  • Maintains an archive of previous retrievals.
  • Converts downloaded information to Excel (when applicable).
  • Normalizes and sanitizes investor data for use in Innovient models.
  • File Monitor provides visual status of all investor data files.


  • Handles complex shaping of external data from any given format to another.
  • Transform data into structured Excel formats for use in Innovient models.
  • Custom value transformations via lookup tables.
  • Programmatic expressions are available for complex manipulations.
  • Buyers - Tape crack bulk files from multiple sources
  • Sellers - Transform disparate bid files into a single 'corporate standard' for easier, single-point of maintenance.


  • Produces comparative pricing analytics and delta heat maps from any two points in time.
  • Discloses differences in key data points between two Excel files.
  • Intuitive heat maps visually portray user-defined delta tranches.
  • Perfect for disclosing unexpected pricing moves or adjuster changes.